Yerleştirme makinesinin bakımı nasıl düzgün yapılır
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In the fully automated workshop, we often encounter many large machines, including those responsible for inspection, production, and identification. Among them, the placement machine is a common type of intelligent equipment. Although it is expensive to build, it can greatly improve our production efficiency, save labor costs, and reduce time costs and waste of labor costs. Therefore, we need to carry out a comprehensive "care" for the placement machine to make it work better for us. 

1. First of all, we need to clean the surrounding environment. Many friends who work in the workshop know that the workshop is dirty and dusty, so the production environment of our placement machine should clean it in time, because of the dust If it is placed on the placement machine for a long time, it will affect the machine's vision, rotation and other effects, which will reduce the life span, and if the circuit board part is too dusty, it will also cause poor heat dissipation.

2. Maintain and clean the placement environment (internal) of the placement machine, such as: suction nozzle, placement head, workbench, camera, etc., keeping these positions clean can effectively reduce the occurrence of placement Throwing rate, alarm, etc., greatly improve production efficiency and improve the quality and quality of placement.

3. It is also necessary to correct the machine in time. Due to the long-term production and mounting work of the machine, many parts of the machine are worn, deformed, and aging. This is easy to cause deviations in the machine. The parameters we set for the machine have been adapted to the current situation of the machine, so it will have a certain impact on the accuracy.


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